We are YEARNING.Consulting, a northern German consulting company specializing in digital innovation, quality management in construction, and production and logistics planning. Our mission is our program: actively communicate, identify challenges, develop solutions, and grow together with our environment.

“The sea of ​​potential itself arouses the longing to use it, so it makes sense to continuously show it.”


In the YEARNING.Academy we focus on imparting specialist knowledge, which is taught on an academic basis by our internal consultants (usually engineers) in the form of lecturers or speakers and external lecturers.

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QM Construction

Our goal is cost efficiency, time savings, and quality. We optimize processes, utilize technology, and improve quality standards to increase our customers' efficiency and enhance their performance.

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From the prototype to series production there are many logistical stumbling blocks and situations that need to be mastered with experience and instinct. We are active for you and are at your side with advice or take over the coordination of a lean start-up management for you.

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We offer you the right Tools and our Experience in Relocation Management and secure the save ramp up of your production at the new location.

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Our Production Engineering sees itself as an expert and driver with regard to the development of new structures in the manufacturing environment and the adaptation of these to the new challenges of the future.

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Especially in the current time, the introduction or deepening of digitization for small and medium-sized companies due to the Corona crisis is more important than ever. We advise you on this path and keep an eye on the current funding options for digital innovations.

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If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to get wood, assign tasks and divide the work, but teach the men to long for the vast, endless sea.

based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry